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This is a suitable procedure for those who have completed the family

The tube traveling from the testes to the penis (vas deferens) which carries the sperm is divided and separated. A local anaesthetic is inserted in the scrotum and vas identified, bought the skin and divided.

A no scalpel key hole technique, open ended, fascial interposition vasectomy is performed by Dr. Siva Nachiappan at Eastmed Doctors. He performed vasectomy lists once a week for six months while training at Royal Liverpool University Hospital in the UK.

Book an appointment to see him if you are considering vasectomy by phoning 09 585 0188 or using the contact page.

Dr Siva is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider and has a contract with Southern Cross to perform Vasectomies for people who are insured under them.

There are a lot of inquiries to perform vasectomy for people living outside Auckland, thank you, but he does perform vasectomies only for those who are normally resident in Auckland, as it is safe and easy for follow up to make sure there are no post operative problems.