How do I simplify my visit?

The standard consultation time at Eastmed Doctors is 15 minutes. If you have several problems to sort out please inform the reception that you need an extended appointment. If you bring in too many issues in a single appointment and try to get your doctor to fix it it might not be possible. It is like going to the mechanic with a lot of issues with your car and asking him to fix it in a short time frame. Only one or at the most two simple issues can be effectively addressed in a single appointment slot.

You may wish to write down the issues that is bothering you and bring it along with you so that you and your GP can prioritize which might be dealt with in this particular visit. Bring a list of your medications. Bring someone along with you for support if you wish so.

The consumers section of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners web site has a lot of useful tips.