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Punch Biopsy

Punch biopsy means using a special instrument called a punch biopsy forceps which looks something like an apple corer. If the diagnosis is uncertain it is very helpful to take a small part out with the punch biopsy forceps for testing. This is usually done in large moles to identify whether it is cancer or not. If the mole is benign nothing else may be needed, if it is cancer the whole mole can then be cut out.

The biopsy forceps come in various sizes starting from 2mm diameter to 6mm diameter. Sometime these can be effectively used to cure small skin cancers if they completely encircle the skin cancer.

If the lesion is suspected to be a melanoma, we tend to use the excision biopsy.

If you a registered patient at Eastmed Doctors, please contact your own GP. If you are casual patient contact Dr Siva to discuss mole removal.