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Minor Surgery

We have a fully equipped purpose built operating theatre which is accredited by the DAA Group for surgical procedures.

Usually this involves local anaethetic infiltration which numbs the skin. Then the area is marked and excised or dealt with. You will have some skin nylon stitches which will be taken off in due course

The common procedures performed are:


Surgeon Charges

Material Charges

Punch biopsy



Simple Single Mole removal (one mole)- simple



Complex Single Mole removal - (skin grafts, flaps)

$300- $500.00





Lumps (lipoma, sebaceous cyst)

$300.00 - $500.00





Steroid Injections

Normal Consultation


This is indicative only for minor surgery and will depend on size, complexity and time taken to complete.

Material charges may vary depending on the type used. Circumcision performed for over 15 year old males only.

All the above charges are GST inclusive, dressings and stitches removal are included in the cost. Most insurance companies cover these costs - get prior approval if necessary.