Melanoma Mole Checks

Dermoscope is a skin surface microscope used by Dr Siva Nachiappan who has a Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy and Dermal Imaging from the University of Queensland, Australia (2007). By studying the pattern of the mole he can tell whether the mole is benign or cancerous. Dermoscope can be attached to a camera for taking high quality magnified images ( like taking pictures of the surface of the moon ). These pictures are sometimes useful to evaluate the mole. This is the same technique used by molemap, molecheck and the dermatologists.

COSTS: $90.00 for a full head to toe melanoma check.

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Melanoma moles are the most serious type of skin cancer moles. If picked up early, Melanoma Skin Cancer Treatment is very successful.

Early diagnosis is vital to prevent the spread and early treatment of Melanoma skin cancer. If you have a changing mole, or a bleeding mole with or without a hole in the mole, or a skin bump which is changing in colour or shape, or have fair skin problems including being sun burnt easily and sun induced cancer personally or in the family you should have your moles checked.

The only treatment of a suspected melanoma is surgical excision ( cutting the mole out under local anaesthesia). The mole is analysed and depending upon the depth ( if confirmed as a melanoma ) it needs a wider excision ( a bigger cut to take a bit more of the skin and fat).

Naked Eye View

This is what a mole looks like on magnified illuminated view. With no light or magnification this mole would look unremarkable

Dermoscope - Outer Part

This is outer part of the mole on dermoscope. You can see a lot more clarity and the network can be studied with more details and the colours are more evident. Each colour indicates to the dermoscopist where the malanin pigments are in the mole which determines whether this is a melanoma or not.

Dermoscope - Middle Part

Look at the middle part to the blue colour which is a important indication that this is a melanoma which is not appreciable on the naked eye view.

Dermoscope - Inner Part

The inside of the mole looks like a cobble stone which is a compound nevus or globular nevus which is the benign component of the mole.

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Malignant Melanoma Mole Pictures

Mole removal