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Iron Deficency Anaemia Treatment - Ferinject Iron Injection

Dr Siva Nachiappan, February 2018

Iron deficiency is a common occurrence in our patients.


This could due to:

  • inadequate intake of iron (e.g. vegetarian Diet, malnutrition etc.)
  • inadequate absorption (e.g. bowel issues, coeliac etc.) or
  • excessive blood loss (e.g. excessive menstrual blood loss, on blood thinners and loosing blood in bowels etc.)
We like to know why a patient is iron deficient and undertake necessary investigations to define the cause and rectify to stop ongoing iron deficiency. Sometime if the iron deficiency cannot be fixed or the iron deficiency needs to be corrected while investigating the cause, we offer the patient iron replacement.


Treatment involves increasing iron rich meals, oral iron tablets or an injection of iron. In the past we only had intramuscular iron but now we have a fast-active iron that can be given in your veins which increases your iron levels very quickly. This preparation is called Ferinject.


We are pleased to announce that we can now offer iron infusion at Eastmed Doctors. Please talk to your GP if you are iron deficient and are not tolerating or finding your current treatment is inadequate.

For Patients:

Patient Information(PDF)