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How we diagnose skin cancers?


Patient history is a vital clue in the diagnosis of skin cancers. Early diagnosis is vital to prevent the spread of Melanoma skin cancer. If you have a changing mole, or a bleeding mole with or without a hole in the mole, or a skin bump which is changing in colour or shape, or have fair skin problems including being sun burnt easily and sun induced cancer personally or in the family you should have your moles checked. Link to melanoma mole check and melanoma photos.


We use a hand held skin surface microscope - Dermoscope which aids in picking up early melanomas and other skin cancers like basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer very early.

Technical advances in the power of the hand held microscopes and more opportunities for learning the techniques to interpret dermoscopic pictures, has made your GP the ideal choice for picking up skin cancers early. Your doctor may refer you on to see another colleague in the practice who has a special interest in this. The main advantage is that you will see a clinician who can give you an answer on the spot about the diagnosis and treatment options here at Eastmed Doctors. This will avoid you a visit to a Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon or to a mole mapping place.


The dermoscope is also used to taking pictures of suspicious moles for teledermatology and for follow up to see if there are any changes developing in a mole - some call this mole mapping.

We use teledermatology sometimes to get an opinion from a Dermatologist in cases which are not straightforward thereby increasing the diagnostic accuracy, increased learning opportunity, images for storage and follow up and also reduces unwanted surgery. You can find more information on teledermatology here eMedicine article, International Dermoscopic Society

Once diagnosed we go on to the options of treating

Skin Cancer Checks

If you are new patient and wish to have a skin cancer mole check, book an appointment online, choose Dr. Siva Nachiappan from the list and indicate in the special instruction box you are a new patient and you are coming in to have your moles checked. Alternatively you can ring the reception on 09 585 0188.

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