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Drivers License Medical Exam

If you are due for your driver license renewal (75 years or older) you need to pass your medical every 2 years. This has to be a special appointment which could not include your normal visit to renew you pills as well. Please inform the receptionist so she could book you with the nurse prior to seeing the doctor. The nurse will take you through 2 important pre-requisites:

If you pass these tests you will see your doctor who will check if you are physically fit to drive before issuing your certificate for fitness to drive.

If you not pass the tests with the nurse you may be either referred to the eye doctors or an occupational therapist who will then further assess your ability to drive depending on the above results.

Do not leave the driving license medical exam till late since you may need extra time to go through these additional specialist visits if needed.

For further information of medical fitness to drive visit the Land Transport Safety Authorities (LTSA) web site.